The idea, (translated from the Greek eidos) is according to Plato:
• an invisible reality (it is perceived by an intuition of the mind);
• an immaterial and eternal thing;
• a prototype of the reality.
In our new life Eidos Cat will be the vehicle to explore new places, cultures and “ideas”.
Not only a way to sail around the world but even more a platform to learn new things and play with new ideas.
Our first project in 2018 was to get Eidos ready to leave Cape Town and learn to sail and manage her, it was hard work but an amazing learning and satisfying experience. We still have to learn a lot about wailing Eidos but we are slowing moving to our next phase when we can work on new projects.


Are you ready?

We are currently living on Eidos a Catana 582 to sail around the world, are you ready to join us for a while? We plan to invite old and new friends to join us for part of our journey – people that share our passion for the sea, travel, outdoor activities as well our desire to always learn and create new things.
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